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The World of Kinkcraft

Because some things need to be rated M.

This journal contains content only suitable for those over the age of 18.

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Name:The World of Kinkcraft
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Community description:Kink themes for the discerning World of Warcraft community.
Welcome to [profile] the_world_of_kinkcraft, a fic theme community inspired by such LiveJournal-based luminaries as [community profile] 31_days and by the sad, sad lack of a dedicated sexy World of Warcraft community here on Dreamwidth. Eventually, this page will contain a rotating monthly prompt list on which the community members can offer their kinky meditations in whatever form moves them, be it fiction, fanart, fanvids, what have you. I will post the monthly prompts a few days before the beginning of every month, but if a prompt from a previous month moves you to write, don't hesitate to write for it and post: I am not going to crack the whip on deadlines, principally because I suck at meeting them myself. ^_^ Similarly, if you have a piece of Warcraft-related kink-work that you wish to bring to a wider audience but which was not directly inspired by the prompt-list, you are free to post it here. I am personally of the opinion that permitting Warcraft to earn an M-Rating is a worthy goal in an of itself. If you're moved by a particularly inspirational piece of fanart, you may also post the results here -- and a link to the art, if you have one. The only real requirement is that your work deal somehow with the MMORPG World of Warcraft, the Warcraft real time strategy games, or the assorted Warcraft novels, comics, and manga.

For our grand opening event, and to coincide with [profile] three_weeks_of_dw, we're going to be running a series of kinkmemes for Lore characters who could use some loving. ^_^

First Meme: Illidan Stormrage

Standard Posting Format:

Subject line of your entry: [Date] [Prompt, if applicable] Title

On the entry itself:

Day/Theme/Prompt: (if applicable)
Character/Pairing: (if applicable)
Applicable Warnings: (as required/desired)
Author's Notes: (as required/desired)

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